Purebred Akita Puppies!! Ready in 2weeks 

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Discover Excellence in the very paw! Are you ready to welcome boundless joy into your home? We’re thrilled to present 6 purebred Akita puppies, ready to bring boundless joy and loyalty into your line. With their impeccable lineage, these pups embody the finest qualities of the Akita breed, known for their strength, intelligence, and unwavering devotion. Each puppy, ensures not just beautiful exterior but also a strong genetic foundation for health and vitality. Whether you’re seeking a loyal companion, a steadfast guardian, or a cherished family member, our Akita puppies are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Our Akita puppies are being lovingly raised in a bustling household filled with laughter and excitement from our large family of children. From the moment they enter the world, they’re surrounded by the gentle touch of tiny hands and the playful antics of our energetic youngsters. This dynamic environment ensures that each puppy receives ample socialisation and interaction, preparing them to thrive in a variety of settings. They’re already learning valuable lessons in patience, adaptability, and affection, making them perfect companions for families seeking a loyal and well-rounded addition to their home. These charming puppies are all potty-trained to use pads, and only one spot while playing in their huge garden. Puppies and Parents also been nourished with Eukanuba dry food, puppies since they were just 3 and 1/2 weeks old. Their playful energy and robust health make them the perfect addition to any family. Don't miss out on the opportunity to bring home a furry friend who will fill your days with love and laughter. Our delightful siblings get along very well. These adorable furballs enjoy mealtimes together, sharing one big tray of delicious food, while still receiving the nourishing comfort of their mother's milk. Their dedicated mom ensures they stay clean, while they happily explore their clean and friendly environment. With f
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State: Texas
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Listing ID: 933


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